More Ideas

More Ideas

There are many ways you can raise recycling awareness in your local area, for example by talking to your family, friends and neighbours.

Talk to your family, friends and neighbours

Offer recycling advice and information to help people recycle correctly and as much as they can. You could put together a flyer telling people what materials they can recycle and how and give out the web address for more information.

You could also promote recycling by talking to your neighbours or community during local events and encourage event organisers to provide recycling facilities!

Write an article or letter to the editor

Write an article for your local newspaper or community newsletter.

Local newspapers like articles written by local people. You could write a recycling guide for your area or explain the benefits of recycling or composting to readers. You can use some of the information provided on this website.

You could also write a letter to the editor and encourage people to recycle more.

Join a local group or volunteer

The best way to find out what local community groups are operating in your area is by visiting the London Community Resource Network.

Or contact your local Volunteer Centre to get volunteering advice and information on local organisations:

More details on volunteering opportunities can be found on the London Voluntary Services Council website.

Interesting Facts

Over two billion litres of bottled water are sold in the UK every year - enough to fill the new Wembley Stadium twice over - and only one in five plastic bottles is recycled.