Save money, save waste this Christmas

Save money, save waste this Christmas

Follow our festive waste- busting tips! 

  • Save £50 on food bills over Christmas by making a shopping list, storing food properly and using up leftovers. Visit for tips and recipes.
  • Swap expensive wrapping paper for furoshiki, a Japanese style of wrapping presents with reusable material. Watch the video.
  • Send e-cards instead – they’re cheaper and will help reduce the estimated one billion Christmas cards that end up in our bins every year. 
  • Why not pass on a gift you no longer want or make something special for your loved one?
  • 13,350 tonnes of glass bottles and jars are thrown out in the UK over Christmas, recycling them all would save CO equivalent to taking 1,300 cars off the road for a year.
  • Compost your winter veg and satsuma peelings to create a free nutrient-rich soil improver. And remember to use your council’s Christmas tree collection scheme!
Interesting Facts

Waste typically costs companies 4.5% of their turnover (source: Envirowise).

An average office could save thousands of pounds a year just by using both sides of A4 paper.

Recycle Cartons

You can now recycle cartons.

Read more.