Let's Get Composting!

Let's Get Composting!

Why not find out more about how you can get composting?

As the sun starts to shine and we venture out into our gardens once again, how would you like to give your flowers some extra colour and your vegetables some extra taste, all while helping play your part to reduce waste?

Composting at home is actually easier then many people think; it’s fantastic for your garden, your environment and your wallet - a great win all round!

There is lots of information available on our website to help you get started and to show you how to compost.

Residents of Hammersmith and Fulham, Lambeth and Wandsworth can also receive discounted compost bins to help them get started: visit www.getcomposting.com and enter your postcode to find out what your Borough offers.

Did you know you can compost banana skins, vegetable peelings, tea bags and even toilet roll tubes? Up to a third of the waste in your house hold bin can be composted, so what are you waiting for - get into the garden and get composting!

Interesting Facts

Waste typically costs companies 4.5% of their turnover (source: Envirowise).

An average office could save thousands of pounds a year just by using both sides of A4 paper.

Recycle Cartons

You can now recycle cartons.

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