What happens to Mixed Paper?

Cory sends material to four paper mills based in the UK, Holland and Belgium.

  • Bales of mixed paper are put into an articulated lorry at the MRF in Smugglers Way and taken to one of the facilities by road.
  • Bales are off-loaded and visually inspected for high levels of contaminants.    The bales will be re-sorted again into separate grades of paper (i.e. white, brown, card, etc.) and be processed at the mill or sold to other local European mills.
  • The separate grades of materials are shredded, cleaned and pulped with a whisk-like machine that pulls any remaining contaminants out.
  • The pulp is then dried and rolled to make sheets which is then used to make new packaging and various paper products like printing paper, tissue paper, cereal packets, packaging and card.
  • Any contaminants will either be recycled (in the case of metals and baling wire) and the remainder sent to Energy from Waste