Did you know?
Last year 366 million litres of paint (retail and trade) were sold in the UK. Of this, it is estimated that approximately 55 million litres are unused, stored in homes or garages or just thrown away.

Paints should never be poured down the drain as they can severely pollute watercourses. Try using organic and VOC free paints as alternatives to standard hazardous paints.

For small amounts of paint allow to dry in the tin or on old newspaper and dispose of the cans (only) with normal household refuse.

BBC and Dulux are just two organisations that provide online calculators. You can use these to help you work out how much you might need of different types of paint before you buy.

Alternatively, if you wish to dispose of large quantities of paint please contact the Hazardous Waste Collection Service operated by the City of London to arrange a free collection service.

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