Printer Cartridges

Printer Cartridges

Did you know?
Over 47 million cartridges go into UK landfill sites each year and this is increasing annually. There are a wide range of charities and businesses that will accept ink cartridges from you as they can make money from them.

When buying your printer, choose one that uses cartridges that can be easily refilled or that can easily accept generic or refilled cartridges.

Give them to an organisation or charity so that they can sell them and make money. Or you can refill them and use them again yourself. Buy refilled cartridges whenever possible. They are cheaper than new ones, and prevent waste.

  • Oxfam Oxfam will collect a minimum of 6 laser cartridges at a time although they must be packed in their original boxes. Call 01873859901 and they will collect them by courier free-of-charge. For Inkjet cartridges except Epsom, call 01873 859901 and they will send a freepost cartridge collection box or bag.
  • Inkcycle You can earn up to £5 for every cartridge sent to Inkcycle. Find out more on their website or contact 020 8144 8970.


You can recycle them at the Smugglers Way Household Waste and Recycling Centre, SW18.


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