Did you know?
The quantity of used vehicles that are not resold equate to more than 2 million tonnes of material to be recovered or disposed of. 1.85 million cars are recycled every year in the UK and approximately 80 per cent of waste vehicle materials are recycled, with the remainder going to landfill. As car ownership increases it is important that the proportion of each end-of-life vehicle being recycled is maximised, so that the impact is reduced.

Your old vehicle may be more valuable than you think, you may be able to sell it on or donate it. Old or unusual cars may be restored by enthusiasts.

Parts can be removed and reused in most cases, and this will be done by any breakers yard or you can even do it yourself. If you take your end-of-life vehicle to a breakers yard you may have to pay for de-pollution, depending on market values for steel, to comply with new EU regulations. Look in your Yellow Pages for authorised breakers yards.

You may also surrender your unwanted vehicle to your local council.

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