How do I recycle?

1. Getting Started

If you live in a property where your rubbish is collected from your doorstep, you can recycle certain items using clear mixed collection recycling sacks which are provided by your local counci, or green bins provided by Lambeth Council.  Contact your local council for more information:

If you live on an estate or in a flat or mansion block you may already have a recycling bin or bank in your communal waste area. If no recycling facilities are in place yet, you can contact your council's recycling department and see if facilities can be installed.

2. Find out what you can recycle

In the Western Riverside region you can recycle the following materials in your clear sack, green bin (Lambeth residents) or communal recycling bank:

  • Paper, card and cardboard
  • Books
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Cans and tins
  • Food and drink cartons
  • Plastic bottles

Please do not put anything else in as it may make your recycling too difficult to sort and recycle.

There are two reuse and recycling centres in the area where you can drop off a large variety of other household items, from textiles to car batteries and books.

Visit our recycle at home pages for more details.

3. Prepare your recycling

Remember, wash, squash, lids off.

Rinse anything that contained food or drink. This makes it easier to sort and recycle later. It doesn't have to be spotless but if it's too dirty it may be too difficult to recycle.

Flatten boxes and squash cartons and plastic bottles. This saves room in the vehicle allowing more to be collected and leading to fewer journeys.

Remove any lids or tops if they are easily removed.  

4. Put it out for collection

If you live in a house, please leave your clear sacks (or green bins if you live in Lambeth) at the inside edge of your property the night before or by 6:30am on collection day, so that they are clearly visible for recycling collection crew.

If you have no front garden, please leave your sacks on the pavement no earlier than 6pm on the day before your collection.

If you live in a flat put your loose recyclables into your nearest recycling bank. Please don't put them in a plastic bag as this makes it harder to recycle later.

To find out when your collection day is visit your borough's website: