Arriving with household (non-DIY) waste in a van or a car with a trailer

All Industrial Waste (DIY-type waste) delivered by residents to the Smugglers Way or Cringle Dock Transfer Station in a van will be charged for. If you are disposing of this type of waste you can find out more here.

At Smugglers Way space for recycling bays is limited for van access, so most items brought in by van will be disposed of. There is greater opportunity for certain items to be recycled at Cringle Dock. If you want to use a van or tow a trailer to dispose of non-chargeable household waste at either Smugglers Way or Cringle Dock, you must pre-notify Western Riverside Waste Authority online or call your local council during office hours.

You will find details of how the Authority treats your personal data here

Click here to pre-notify online now, or call your local council on the relevant number shown below. Please note you will need to be present when the vehicle goes to the site and provide valid ID relating to the property from which the waste is coming. If you are using a hired vehicle and you do not know the registration number of the vehicle you will need to write something in the registration field (e.g. 'unknown'), then complete the details of the hire company you are using, otherwise the form submission will fail.

  • Hammersmith and Fulham: 020 8753 1100
  • Kensington and Chelsea: 020 7361 3001
  • Lambeth: 020 7926 9000 (online pre-notification preferable)
  • Wandsworth: 020 8871 8558 (online pre-notification preferable)
  • Westminster: Online pre-notification only

Arrival at the Transfer Stations

Please note: Cars with trailers should use the Smugglers Way site (during van opening hours). Opening times vary for vans - please check details by clicking on the relevant reuse and recycling centre below.

1.  On arrival you must report to the weighbridge. At Smugglers Way this means you must use the main trade and council vehicle entrance, not the Household Waste and Recycling Centre (cars) entrance.

2.  The weighbridge clerk will have access to your pre-notification details and you will be required to:

a) Sign a declaration that you live within the London Boroughs of Hammersmith and Fulham, Lambeth, Wandsworth, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea or the City of Westminster and that the waste to be deposited is household (non-DIY) waste from your own residence.

b) Show the weighbridge clerk your valid ID. The clerk will confirm that your identity and address correspond with the pre-notification details.

c) Provide a copy of the hire document if the vehicle is hired.

3.  If you have not followed the pre-notification procedures, you will not be able to deposit your waste free of charge and must either pay to deposit your waste, or take it away.

4.  Your vehicle will be weighed “in” on the weighbridge and your details recorded. You will then be provided with a high visibility jacket to wear (free of charge, unless you are carrying Industrial/DIY-type waste) and directed to an area where you can dump or recycle your waste. After dropping off your waste you will need to return to the weighbridge to weigh “out” and return the jacket.

5.  Please be aware that the free tip notification allows you to use the Authority's sites up to a maximum of three times on one specified day only. If you require more tips you will need to pre-notify again for another suitable date.

6.  Safety  - You are visiting a recycling and waste disposal site. Please make sure you are wearing suitable clothing and, in particular, sturdy footwear and suitable gloves.

You can find your nearest reuse and recycling centre on the map or click on the links below for details about van opening times, locations and materials accepted.

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Interesting Facts

In the UK each person produces seven times their own body weight in rubbish every year.