Information for Non-Residents and Trade Waste Clients

The information below relates to:

  • Deliveries of non-household waste
  • Deliveries of domestic DIY-type waste in vans
  • Waste not from your own residence
  • Waste delivered by persons not resident within Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, Lambeth, Wandsworth or Westminster

1.  This waste is not the responsibility of the Authority. Residents of other London Boroughs delivering household waste should use the household reuse and recycling centres (or public tips) provided by their own council or waste authority. 

2.  There are many commercial waste management companies which can take non-household waste and the Authority’s contractor, Cory Riverside Energy also accepts it on a commercial basis at Smugglers Way, SW18, and Cringle Dock, SW8. The following gives a summary of Cory’s procedures for non-account customers. If you would like to open an account, or have any other query concerning commercial waste disposal, please contact Cory directly on 020 8871 3924.

3. On arriving at the site you must follow the trade route into the site and report to the weighbridge.

4.  You are visiting a recycling and waste disposal site. Please make sure you are wearing suitable clothing and, in particular, appropriate/sturdy footwear. Please note that if you are bringing in waste from your business you will be required to wear Safety footwear (Steel toecaps).  Whilst on site you will be required to wear a High Visibility jacket which you can either supply yourself or purchase at the weighbridge (see table below).

5.  The weighbridge clerk will ask you for your name and address and a description of the waste you are depositing.

6.  Your vehicle will then be weighed in and you will be directed where to deposit your waste.

7.  After depositing your waste you must return to the weighbridge where you will be weighed out. The difference between the “in” and “out” weighings equates to the tonnage of waste you have deposited. This tonnage is then used to calculate the charge.

8.  Each waste type attracts a different rate per tonne and there are different minimum charges for waste delivered in cars and vans.

9.  Cory’s charges for customers, with effect from 1st October 2018, including VAT, are as follows:

Minimum Charge (cars* without trailers)


Minimum Charge (all other vehicles)


High Visibility Jackets


General Waste 


Green Waste (rate only available if delivered to Cringle Dock) 

£96.30/tonne (£47.18 min)

Scrap Metal (account customers only, subject to meeting quality specification and only if delivered to Cringle Dock)

Paper and Cardboard (account customers only, subject to meeting quality specification and only if delivered to Cringle Dock) 

£27.72 per delivery

£30.00/tonne (£18.00 min)

Inert Waste (rate only available if delivered to Cringle Dock)

Public Weighing

£96.80/tonne (£58.08 min)

£30.00 per weighing

*Cars (without trailers) are as defined below and must be under 6 feet 6 inches (1.98 metres) in height and not have been modified to carry goods (e.g. seats removed, side and/or back windows blocked out):

  • Cars (saloons, hatch, estate etc.)
  • 4 x 4 Passenger vehicles (not open backed models)
  • People carriers
  • Minibuses with ALL seats in place
  • Motor Caravans
  • Black Cabs

Toyota Hilux, Mercedes Vito or Ford Ranger type vehicles are not deemed to be cars.

Please note that payment can only be made by debit or credit card.

You can find Cory’s local sites on the map or click on the links below for details about opening times, locations and materials accepted.

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