Your public tip has now been re-opened

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Smugglers Way
SW18 1JS

Mon-Fri 9am to 4pm
Sat 8am to 6pm
Sun 8am to 5pm

Refurbishment works have now been completed and the original Household Waste and Recycling Centre in Smugglers Way, SW18, has now been re-opened.

The newly refurbished facility has been designed to:

  • Reduce queuing in Smugglers Way at peak times
  • Improve the environment for local residents
  • Improve public safety
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Help boost reuse and recycling rates

The new facility will offer residents:

Improved Traffic Management

  • The new on site traffic management system is designed to keep visiting cars flowing through the site in a controlled manner.
  • The dropping off area has parking for up to 33 cars. For those peak times of use (e.g. Sundays and Bank Holidays), the new layout will also provide approximately 200 metres of dedicated lane space, providing room on site for the equivalent of 60 cars. Overall there will be space to accommodate up to 93 cars on site.
  • Web-cams linked to the Authority’s website will shortly be available to provide real-time information to users on the traffic levels, enabling them to check before visiting the site and giving them the opportunity to avoid queues.   
  • The new split level design for the site means that operational activities will be carried out completely independently of private vehicle movements. There will now be no need to temporarily stop private cars entering the site whilst containers are being exchanged, or material is being redistributed within them.

All these measures taken together will help reduce incidences of queuing on Smugglers Way at peak times and improve the overall experience for users of the facility.

Improvement in the Local Environment

  • A new purpose-built building will cover the main operational and parking area with a clad roof to reduce noise from the site.
  • The northern and eastern sides of the building will also be clad to help screen waste activities from our neighbours in the residential complex next door.
  • The new building has been set back as far as possible from the neighbouring residential complex.
  • The height of the building has been kept as low as possible.
  • The other sides of the building have been left open to maximise ventilation, light and space.
  • The operational area will provide room for 24 metal containers backing on to the parking area within the new building.
  • There will be a mix of reuse, recycling and residual waste containers (altering with the seasons).

Safety and Efficiency

The refurbished facility will be a spilt level facility with the parking area provided on a raised platform within the building (approximately 1.6 m higher than the operational level).
This arrangement offers the following advantages:

  • It physically separates operational areas from the public through a concrete retaining wall, improving safety.
  • Segregation increases operational efficiency as the Site no longer needs to be closed when servicing containers (redistributing waste within a container or removing waste for disposal).
  • It is more convenient for residents as it allows them to drop their waste into containers situated at  a lower level.
  • The improved layout provides more circulation space for users in and around each container through the provision of raised access platforms on fingers between the containers.
  • Space around each parking bay is also generous.
  • More space is provided for a range of recyclables and reuse items.