Zero Waste Challenge

Zero Waste Challenge

Why not try to slim your bin by taking part in our Zero Waste Challenge?

The Zero Waste Challenge took place in January 2013 and invited residents, schools and businesses to try to reduce all of their waste for a period of a week. The challenge is now closed for entries, but you can still have a go.

We are encouraging individuals, households, businesses, schools, and community groups to reduce the amount of waste put in their bins for one week. The aim: as little in your bin as possible.

You can take up the challenge for any week. During that week, you are encouraged to reduce your waste as much as possible. You’ll do it by buying carefully, recycling things, and reusing or repairing whatever you can. You’ll create a big impact on your waste, and possibly save some energy, time and money too.

This is what some of the 2013 Zero Waste Challenge winners have said about their experience:

“My motivator was seeing it all the way through to the end, and continuing into the future...a very simple and straight forward challenge on your part – really well put together”

“Really nice to encourage others, and got my flatmates involved. Still carrying it on now, and trying really hard with our composting and separating of our waste”

"We only have one bin in the office now…and have seen a dramatic decrease in waste.”

“Really enjoyed it...discovered how much we can reduce with simple actions...still carrying on with changes, and trying to find new ways to improve all the time.”

“As a community group we wanted to set a good example to parents. If we can do it as an organisation - so can you! ...Lots of the changes are still in place now, don’t stop what you’ve started”

“Trying to encourage the others in the house was hard but rewarding. [I have the] occasional slip but trying really hard to keep the changes I made in place.”

Download a pack today, and see if you can achieve Zero Waste!

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