Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions.

Q. Why should I get involved?

A. During the Zero Waste Challenge we are hoping to get people thinking about the amount of waste they produce. It gives you an opportunity to learn new skills and support your local community or a charity of your choice.

Q. Can I still complete the zero waste challenge if my family/housemates won’t do it with me?

A. Yes you can. We would advise you to put your waste into a separate container to make it really easy to measure the amount of waste you throw out during the week. You may also encourage others who live with you to get involved!

Q. What if I don’t think I can achieve zero waste?

A. Don’t worry, reducing your waste in any way as a result of the Zero Waste Challenge is a big achievement. Only do what you are comfortable with.

Q. I don’t have a garden to compost in and my council doesn’t collect food waste.

A. It may be worth thinking about getting a wormery or a Bokashi system, which take up very little space. It can also be kept indoors (a great talking point!).

Q. What support is available?

A. There’s lots of information available on your council’s website and Due to the number of entries, we are unable to support people on an individual basis. However, if you are a community group, business or school, then do get in touch.

Q. I’ve already achieved zero waste!

A. Well done! Get in touch and tell us your story. You could be an inspiration to others and encourage people to follow your lead.

Q. What if I don’t complete the challenge?

A. It’s the trying that counts! Please send us your Zero Waste Diary anyway, as we would still love to find out how you got on!

Q. When is it best for me to start the Zero Waste Challenge?

A. Start on an average week that’s right for your household. Try to avoid holidays or celebrations that may affect your planning.

Q. Are there any limitations on which charities I can donate to?

A. There are some limitations on which charities that you can donate the money to. For more information please email:, or if you don’t have internet access phone 020 7549 0300.