Useful Links

Useful Links

Lots of useful links to help you achieve Zero Waste!

General Links

If you're competing in the Zero Waste Challenge, make sure you have a thorough read of these useful links.


Food Waste

Love Food Hate Waste – national campaign site

Junk Mail – how to stop junk mail

Bottled Water – the facts about bottled water

Packaging – what to buy and what to look out for

Shopping – a smarter shopping guide


London Re-use Network - donate unwanted furniture, by the London Community Recycling Network (LCRN)

Find your nearest charity Shops

Real nappies - about the Real Nappies campaign

Online exchanges and swaps


Recycling at home

A-Z of recycling materials – what can be recycled in the Western Riverside area

Composting guide

Buy recycled – why and what to buy

In your borough

Each borough has different services and facilities available to support you in reducing your waste. Please check your local borough’s links below to find out what you can do in your area.

Hammersmith & Fulham

General information

Reduce and Reuse

Garden Waste and Home Composting

Kensington & Chelsea

General information

Waste Minimisation


Home composting


Locations of recycling banks for textiles / waste electricals etc

Washable nappies

Compost doctor advice

Compost bins - special offer prices

Waste prevention in Lambeth


General information

Reducing Waste


Smart Shopping

Home Composting