How to reduce waste and recycle at school

How to reduce waste and recycle at school

Reducing, reusing and recycling waste at school is good for the environment, enriches the curriculum, helps schools to become more sustainable and can result in money savings.

An effective way to reduce waste and recycle at school is to have a whole school approach, therefore building ownership amongst the school leadership team, the school support staff and the teachers so that the responsibility for embedding waste minimisation and recycling is shared and acted upon across the school. This enables legacy to build into the activities carried out around the school and allows the school to sustain improvements in waste reduction and recycling.

To get started, how to involve the children and the whole school click on the links below:

Interesting Facts

Waste typically costs companies 4.5% of their turnover (source: Envirowise).

An average office could save thousands of pounds a year just by using both sides of A4 paper.

Recycle Cartons

You can now recycle cartons.

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