Assemblies and workshops at your school

Assemblies and workshops at your school

Our education team are happy to visit your school to deliver assemblies, class workshops or staff talks.

Need some help getting the message about Reducing, Reusing and Recycling across in your school? We offer assemblies and workshops in school, FREE of charge for any school in our area.

Our education team can help - we can visit you to deliver talks, workshops, or pracical help for staff and pupils. Some of the things we offer are: 

Assemblies - to introduce the ideas of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, getting the children involved with actions and songs (20 minutes)

Workshops:  For EYFS/KS1  - Another Fine Mess

Starting with a story about a fox and his rubbish, children will learn why looking after their waste matters.  They will also make their own reused musical instrument to shake along to our recycling song  (1 hour)

Recycling Superheros

starts with a story about a green superhero. Children will learn how we all play a part in reducing our waste. They will also make their own superhero using a template and recycled fabric and materials. (1 hour) 

For KS1/KS2/KS3:  Paper Making

Find out why it is important to recycle paper, how it happens, and have a go at doing it yourself! We will bring everything apart from the old paper, and each child will have their own piece of recycled paper to take away at the end.  (1 hour)

Recycle Races

To follow on from an assembly (or including an introduction to the 3Rs), children race in teams to sort their bag of waste into rubbish or recycling.  The team that makes the least mistakes are the recycling champions!  (30 minutes to 1 hour)

Why not invite us in to be part of your Environment Week or Science Week?  We are happy to devise programmes to suit you. 


Closing the loop  (KS2 only)

Iintroducing the Circular Economy.  In this interactive workshop, children will act out and discover for themselves what’s wrong with our linear economy  (make, use, discard) and see for themselves how recycling closes the loop (make, use, reuse/repair/recycle). (1 hour)




Please email or phone 020 8758885/9  for more information or to book sessions.