Christ Church Primary School

Christ Church Primary School

Christ Church's Secret Garden, where this years summer harvest produced some great beetroots, potatoes, radishes and cabbages.

Christ Church CE Primary School, Wandsworth

Christ Church primary actively recycled a range of materials and promoted recycling to the whole school, but wanted to do more and fully embed this within school culture and have the students more actively involved.

We therefore worked with the Eco Team to design an action plan with actions they could do around the school to achieve their goals. This linked in with the schools environmental policy and the students also wrote pledges as reminders of the actions.

Christ Church is a very good example of how working on reducing waste and improving recycling also encourages other types of beneficial environmental work. For example, Christ Church wanted to improve their school grounds and they applied (and successfully secured) funding from Wandsworth’s Eco Fund for a water supply to their Secret Garden. Previously, students had to carry water cans for over 250 metres to the garden, so the funding for the tap to access water is a huge benefit and allows more time learning and gardening rather than transporting water.

The RWR Schools programme has given them the final help they needed to become more confident to tackle environmental issues by themselves.

The impact of the work has been memorable for our children. The way in which the lessons and group learning is organised means the children have had practical activities to engage and build on their experiences.” - Colette Morris, Head Teacher

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