Colville Primary School

Colville Primary School

RWR Education Officer on the sewing machine during Colville Primary School's Fashion week. Upcycling workshops transformed unwanted textiles and taught the Year 4 and 5 students new and valuable skills.

Colville Primary School, Kensington & Chelsea

Colville Primary wanted to improve their recycling and was very keen to get a whole school approach of waste minimisation embedded into their school ethos. They created a waste minimisation policy and action plan as well as embedding waste minimisation into the school and curriculum.

During our year assisting the school with addressing their action plan we carried out reusing workshops with Year 2 and 3, ran waste audits with the Eco Team and also assisted during fashion week in running upcycling workshops for Year 4 and 5.

We also took part in their summer fair to meet the parents and wider community and will return at the beginning of the school year to measure the progress made by Colville Primary.

We believe it’s an important part of educating the young of today to have an impact later. We have now got started and have a clearer idea of where to go and who to ask for help if we need it” - Debby Strode, Assistant Head

Colville Primary School 2

Colville Primary School 3

Colville Primary School 4

Upcycled garments by Year 4 and 5

For more information or to take part in our free Recycle Western Riverside Schools Programmes please email or phone 020 7549 0324.

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