Francis Barber PRU School

Francis Barber PRU School

Students designed posters to raise awarness of waste minimisation and recycling around school.

Francis Barber PRU School, Wandsworth

Francis Barber had minimal recycling awareness and therefore had two main aims when they started the project:

  1. To establish a successful recycling scheme and to produce information on other ways in which students and staff could improve environmental performance.
  2. To demonstrate a commitment to improve the environment and the local community.

With help from Tracey Simpson (Francis Barber Leader for PSHEe and Citizenship) most of the project was delivered with Year 11 Citizenship Students because they were the eldest students at school and could feed the information down to their younger peers. It was the students who audited their school, investigating its recycling facilities and talking to staff and students. The result from the audit gave them ideas for the actions to be carried out and during the course of the year we looked at improving on student’s knowledge, awareness and behaviour of recycling at school and at home. Some actions carried out include:

  • Designing posters and displaying them around the school to increase awareness
  • Looking at alternative recycling schemes such as Terracycle to collect pens
  • Creating recycling information leaflets
  • Organising a Recycle 2 School (textile recycling company) campaign creating posters and certificates
  • Investigate what Wandsworth Council is doing about waste and recycling
  • Receiving workshops from us about WEEE, food waste, papermaking, resource lifecycles, waste timeline and litter.

Francis Barber has come a long way over the school year and the school is now more aware of environmental issues and they are improving their school grounds by setting up grow-boxes around the school with strawberries, onions, potatoes and a range of other vegetables. This has inspired them to look into the possibility of having a roof garden and a compost bin. The Year 11’s have a golden rule with this project and that is "Tell everyone about what Francis Barber is doing and then tell them again!"

Francis Barber PRU School 2

Francis Barber PRU School 3

Francis Barber PRU School 4

Posters designed by Year 11 Students

For more information or to take part in our free Recycle Western Riverside Schools Programmes please email or phone 020 7549 0324.

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