Authority Meeting November 2008


  1. Open Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of the Authority held on 27th November 2008. (.pdf 16kb)
  2. Paper No. WRWA 621 Report by the General Manger on Operational and other matters which, in themselves, do not warrant production of a separate paper. The majority of these matters are for Members' information but where approval is sought, this is referred to in the report. The specific matters covered in this report are as follows:- a) Operations b) Definition of Municipal Waste c) Landfill Allowance Trading Scheme d) Waste Framework Directive e) Batteries Directive f) Consultation on proposed amendments to the hazardous waste Regulations 2005 g) Consultation on the review of the Animal By-Products Regulations h) Mayor's Waste Management Strategy i) Recycling Performance j) Visit to Viridor MRF and Belvedere EfW k) Recycling Markets l) Abandoned Cars m) Recycle Western Riverside II n) Items between £5,000 and £20,000 (.pdf 183kb)
  3. Paper No. WRWA 622 Issues Relating to the Waste Management Services contract (.pdf 103kb)
  4. Paper No. WRWA 622A. Issues Relating to the Waste Management Services contract - This paper is not available for publication by virtue of relevant paragraphs of Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act 1972.
  5. Paper No. WRWA 623 and Appendices A and B A report by the Treasurer on the potential outturn against the budget in 2008/09 and the 10 year prospects for the budget and levy together with an outline of progress on an alternative basis of recovering the Authority's costs through direct charging. (.pdf 219kb)
  6. Paper No. WRWA 624 Report by the Treasurer on the Authority's External Auditors Annual Audit Letter for 2007/08 (.pdf 1015kb)
  7. Paper No. WRWA 625 plus Appendices A and B Report by the Clerk on Stage 3 of the Corporate Governance Review looking at contracted-out services, minor amendments to Standing orders and a limited extension of the Authority's Performance Related Pay Scheme. (.pdf 364kb)