Waste Management Policy

The Authority has pursued a progressive and innovative approach to waste management that is waste minimisation and recycling-led, whilst utilising the River Thames for bulk transportation. Working in cooperation with each other and the private and not-for-profit sectors, the Authority and its constituent councils have focussed on the needs of residents to provide a sustainable waste management service that should set a precedent for future waste management developments in London.

At the heart of the Authority’s Policy is a co-ordinated approach to investment which means not simply an investment in infrastructure, but also an investment in people. Ultimately, it is the people living and working in the WRWA area who are the key to delivering the Authority’s aims and objectives.

The Authority has established integrated waste management systems which ensure the Best Practicable Environmental Option is pursued for each particular waste stream and that these: 

  • embrace the concepts of waste prevention;
  • seek to achieve a continued reduction in the amount of waste produced;
  • increase the amount of waste that is re-used;
  • recycle, compost or recover energy from the waste that is collected;
  • minimise the environmental impact of transporting the waste;
  • encourage the creation of new, meaningful, job opportunities;
  • minimise disruption to others; and
  • reduce the costs of operations to provide the best possible deal for Council Tax payers.