Recycle for Free - electrical reuse and recycling service for businesses

Recycle for Free - electrical reuse and recycling service for businesses

Businesses and organisations can now have electrical items collected FREE, to be reused or recycled. 

A new partnership between DHL Envirosolutions and SWEEEP (a London based electricals recycler) provides collections of all old or broken electrical items for reuse or recycling at no cost to you.  

The amount of electronic waste that we throw away is increasing by around 5% each year, making it the fastest growing waste stream in the UK.

The 123 Recycle for Free service provides free of charge collection and recycling of waste electronic items from businesses in London. Whether you have computers from an office, fridges from a butcher, drills from a builder’s yard or dryers from a hairdressers, they will collect it from you for reuse or recycling. Employees can even bring in items from home to be collected from their workplace. 

The material is taken to an pproved authorised treatment facility in Kent (shown left). The collected items are unloaded and screened. 

Items that are reusable will be redistributed to the London Community Resource Network (LCRN).The network has well-established relationships with social services, housing associations, homeless, refugee and other organisations serving vulnerable Londoners and people in need, and these are currently the primary recipients of reused goods. 

Items that are not reusable will be securely recycled at the site. Small and large electrical items are loaded into a specialist processor. The items are shredded and through various sorting processes steel, aluminum, copper, precious metals, glass and plastic are separated and sent for further reprocessing so they can be turned into their original material form. TVs are stripped by hand as hazardous cathode ray tubes need to be handled carefully. Fridges are also classed as hazardous waste and will be recycled in a specialized plant where they will be de-gassed and recycled. 

Visit the 123RecycleforFree website  for more information or to book a collection