Recycling Collections

Recycling Collections

Recycling at work reduces your company’s environmental  impact, improves your image and can save you money in waste collection charges.

If you are based in Hammersmith and Fulham or Kensington and Chelsea , your local authority provides competitive recycling collections.

To find other companies that can help you recycle your business waste visit the Waste Directory or the Mayor of London’s Green Procurement Code.

Businesses and other organisations can donate good quality edible food which would otherwise be wasted to organisations such as FareShare, who distribute surplus “fit for purpose‟ product from the food and drink industry to organisations working with disadvantaged people.

Other useful websites include:

  • Alupro runs aluminium cans recycling schemes to help raise money for charity.
  • The Realise Network helps you recycle unwanted IT equipment.
  • The Furniture Re-use Network finds a new home for your unwanted office furniture and supports a network of re-use charities nationwide.
  • The Work and Play Scrapstore in Tooting takes surplus materials of many kinds including paper, card, office supplies, ex window display items and lots more.

Other useful sites include Envirowise or WasteOnline.

Interesting Facts

Every year, vending machines in the UK dispense 3 billion polystyrene cups.

One plastic vending cup can be recycled into a pencil and seven vending cups are enough to make a ruler!