Did you know?

It is estimated that 13 million toys end up in energy from waste plants or landfill sites each year.


Toy libraries do not usually accept second hand toys but can be a great way of avoiding having to buy new toys.  Look online to see if there is a local toy library in your area – they also need good quality toys and games to lend to their members


If you live in the Western Riverside area, you can deliver toys that are in good condition to Rework, the Reuse Project at the Smugglers Way Household Waste and Recycling Centre in SW18, and they will be passed on for reuse.

If you, or your children, would like to make some money out of the old toys, you could sell them on, particularly in the case of more specialist toys. This is a great way to reuse toys because the buyer is getting a bargain, provided that the toys are in reasonable condition, and you make some money in the process. You could sell the toys at a car boot sale, on Ebay, or through the local paper.  Toys can be easily donated to friends, playgroups or charity shops.