You will find more information about the measures introduced to keep residents and staff safe on this page.  If you cannot find the information you need, please contact us by phone or email.

We currently have no plans to close the HWRC unless the Government requires us to do so or, as a result of the pandemic, staffing levels do not allow us to stay open safely.

The Reuse area is currently open for residents to donate reusable items on weekdays only.  From Monday, 29th March 2021, the service will resume as normal and residents will be able to donate reusable items on weekdays and weekends.

The Centre is always busy.  Across the week a car will arrive at the Centre on average every 25 seconds.   At weekends, particularly from 11am onwards, the rate of arrival is much higher.

You may wish to check our webcam to see how busy the Centre is before you leave home –  If the cars are not moving, please come another day.

You will find that:

  • Parking spaces will be organised to ensure a 2 metre minimum spacing between residents.
  • You will be asked to reverse your car into a parking space.
  • Only the driver will be permitted to leave the car.  If it is necessary for a passenger to assist you with offloading a heavy item, please inform a Recycling Advisor before they leave your car.
  • When you enter the Centre you will be greeted by a Staff Member with a sign reminding you of the Centre “Rules”.
  • Centre staff will be enforcing social distancing at all times.
  • Signage reminding you of the importance of social distancing will be displayed.

Not currently, but we may opt to re-introduce the use of alternate parking spaces and revert to the ‘odds and evens’ registration system, if it is deemed necessary.

Cory Riverside Energy staff will be cleaning metal surfaces regularly throughout the day, but this will not be following every visit.

So you also have your part to play to ensure your safety and the safety of others. You are advised to wear gloves to protect yourself and help reduce the transmission of Coronavirus.

There has always been a requirement for residents dropping off waste in a van to wear sturdy shoes and a Hi Vis vest.

The practice has been for our contractor, Cory Riverside Energy, to loan residents a Hi Vis vest to wear for the duration of their visit.  This practice has now stopped to reduce the transmission of Coronavirus.  It is essential that you (and anyone accompanying you who will be leaving the van to physically assist you) wear a Hi Vis.  If you do not have one to bring along, you will be able to purchase one for £9.00, while stocks last.

You are advised to wear gloves to protect yourself and help reduce the transmission of Coronavirus.  These will not be provided.

Failure to wear sturdy shoes and Hi Vis clothing will result in you being denied access to the site.