Did you know?

Batteries contain materials and metals like cadmium, lead and sulphuric acid that pose environmental and health risks when disposed of incorrectly. If batteries are crushed, bent or damaged in any way, they can spark fires causing significant damage.

Lithium-ion batteries in particular have been identified as the culprit in several fires involving electricals, as households often neglect to remove batteries from devices such as tv remotes or toys before disposal.


Try to avoid the use of batteries by using mains electricity where possible.


Use rechargeable batteries wherever possible. Or even better look out for solar battery chargers.


You should not place your batteries in your household recycling sack or container as this does result in fires at the Smugglers Way Materials Recycling Facility, SW18.

You can deliver your batteries to the Smugglers Way Household Waste and Recycling Centre.  You will find a container to recycle them in Recycling Bay A

But before you deliver your batteries to the Centre, please make sure you handle and store them safely.

  1. Tape the contact points at each end of the battery and any wires.
  2. Then place the batteries in an air-tight contain e.g. Tupperware.
  3. Do not store coins or metal objects in the same container as waste batteries.
  4. Store used batteries in a cool and dry area.
  5. Damaged, corroded or leaking batteries could result in minor burns, handle carefully with gloves and place in a separate container.