Did you know?

Each UK citizen consumes on average, one tonne of wood a year.


Before buying, check to see if you really need the product first and, if you do, consider buying reclaimed or salvaged timber, locally sourced or FSC certified wood. Buying locally-produced timber products means less fossil fuel is used in transportation. The FSC logo will appear on all FSC certified wood.


Timber is durable and so it’s ideal to donate unwanted wood to reclamation yards or to friends for DIY projects.


You can recycle your unwanted wood at the Smugglers Way Household Waste and Recycling Centre .  It will be transported to a Biomass facility to create energy.

The following can be accepted in the mixed wood containers:

• Pallets
• Wooden Packaging
• Packing Cases
• Fencing Products
• Flat Pack Furniture
• Chipboard
• Plywood
• Painted Woods
• Stained & Varnished Woods
• Mixed HWRC Woods
• Demolition Wood
• Wood off cuts

The following should NOT be placed in the mixed wood containers:

• Plastics
• Furniture material trim & textiles
• Green Waste
• Hazardous Wood e.g. Railway Sleepers
• Large Metal Items
• Plasterboard
• Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment
• Glass
• Construction Waste
• Black Bag Waste
• Food Waste
• Asbestos
• Clinical or Healthcare Waste
• Hazardous Waste

Wood produced as a result of DIY activities and delivered by van is chargeable, see here.

For information about where to recycle wood or where to buy recycled wood products, go to www.woodrecyclers.org.