Did you know?

Up to 30% of our household waste could be composted, reducing waste and creating a natural food for your soil.


You can compost your garden waste at home by using a home composting bin in your garden.  All four of the Western Riverside boroughs offer their residents home composting bins at reduced prices.


You can make your own compost bin using old fencing, pallets or even an old dustbin.


You can take your garden waste (grass cuttings, tree prunings, etc) free of charge to the Smugglers Way Household Waste and Recycling Centre, SW18  where it will be transported to a facility to be composted.

The following can be accepted in the garden waste containers:

• Grass cuttings, leaves, hedge trimmings, food waste CAT3
• Shrubs, plants, flowers
• Brushwood
• House Plants, Christmas Trees
• Biodegradable packaging in accordance to PAS1OO QP standards – please ensure that all other non-biodegradable bags are not placed in the container

The following should NOT be placed in the garden waste containers:

• Japanese Knotweed
• Plants containing toxins (rhododendron, yew, ragwort, hemlock)
• Soil comprising more than 0.5% by weight of any load delivered
• Boulders, Bricks, Cobbles, Concrete, Tiles, Cement, Ceramics
• Timber that has been painted or treated with preservative
• Wire Strapping, Metal, Textiles or other materials that may damage or block processing comprising more than 1% by weight in any load delivered
• Packaging waste, Glossy Magazines
• Plastic bags or similar containers
• Household wastes other than those described in the above